Originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, while growing up there my interests were the anything but food and dining at upscale restaurants.  That being said, my parents would splurge and treat our family to a trip Downtown for dinner at Armandos or the always fun original Pizzaria Uno and Duo. Other than that I grew up on classic meat and potatoes, home cooked, family style dinners around the dining room table, especially on Sunday with the 'fine china'.  My Mother hailed from the south and did her best to feed nourish a family of 6 kids, and My Father always enjoyed firing up the charcoal grill for juicy steaks and hamburgers on Saturday, even in the winter.


My interest in food began in earnest while I was at the University of Colorado in Boulder and I literally stumbled upon the perfect job; a dishwasher at a popular and successful steak, seafood & Salad Bar concept:The Cork N Cleaver.  A regional operation with locations in Colorado and Arizona in the mid 70’s.  I was promoted to waiter and then the coveted position of bartender both of which opened my eyes to good food, wines and great people with an added bonus of more than paying my college tuition.  After graduation, there was alot of growth and opportunity with rapid expansion of themed restaurants like; Chart House, Victoria Station, Rusty Pelican, Steak & Ale, The Cork'N Cleaver, et al.  I needed to work, had the desire to learn about restaurants so after a few interviews was hired by the Cork'N Cleaver for a year long training program to become a GM. I was lucky to be assigned to the Bloomington, Indiana Cork location mentoring for 6 months with Ricky Coombes, a brilliant manager who went on to great success in hospitality in his home state of Indiana.

(Pictured here with my wife Deborah, a beautiful, incredible and imaginative 'soul mate' who has immersed herself in  Six Tables welcoming guests each night to continuously  adding new decorative features to our dining room and providing that Womans touch thats has enabled Six Tables to remain competitive and successful)

The Cork'N Cleaver in its day, was a well managed, focused privately held restaurant company.  At the helm in the Denver the Corporate President Alan Teran, oversaw expansive growth in the Midwest and southeast, targeting big league college towns as the key to success coupled with a true hands on operating style that was thier hallmark.  The company grew to 75 locations by the early 80’s opening locations in the Pacific NW and South Florida in 1982.  I was assigned to be GM of the newest location in Bellevue WA.  At this time there was symbiotic merger with The Chart House Restaurants, a blend of styles and processes that continued to enhance and improve my skills.  Ironically, at that time the Boca Raton location was opened being the first Steak & Seafood concept in this market - just off Glades Road where Seasons 52 is currently located.


Living in Seattle was amazing, like being in another country in terms of climate and culture.  Pacific Rim influences and a Small-Big City feel that was on the cusp of booming.  I explored the region and chose to leave the CnC to expand my experience in other genres of Seattle based restaurants, a very fortuitous venture for me.  The knowledge and experiences acquired and a lifelong dream of living in the mountains led to a return to Colorado in 1986 in Steamboat Springs where I became the Director of Restaurants for the Steamboat Ski Resort. I was mentored by a very talented individual with a unique and amazing success story of his own; “Burger Bob” Kuusinen fortunately felt I had the right stuff and offered me the reigns of the ski mountain restaurants during a very dynamic growth period. This was literally a ‘golden ring’ opportunity and wonderful place for my two sons to grow up and enjoy all the amenities of ski town living while I continued to learn and expand my knowledge and skills in both the restaurant field and one of the top rated resorts in the country.  


Naturally, I could not have accomplished what I was tasked to do without the support and assistance of a great Executive Chef Morton Hoj, a Classically trained ‘Crazy Dane’ who found his way to Steamboat from Copenhagen to pursue his dreams. He remains a good friend to this day.  His insight and intuition proved to me that the Chef mindset was really the key to it all.  Many others also deserve kudos for my unique and fun job. People like George Yost my Purchasing Manager, Gail Jones, the ultimate Hospitality Office Manager and countless others, too many to mention, all emblazoned in my mind. 

Things took an interesting turn when out of the blue I was offered the position of Culinary Director at Park City Mountain Ski Resort to prepare that resorts restaurants for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Yet another ‘golden ring’ opportunity, so I moved to Park City and worked like crazy for 3 years straight, with no break to be ready for that world event.  It was an incredible challenge and a great opportunity.  Again, I met and worked with some very talented people like; Peter Curtis, Missy Fayville, Chef Todd Depreist, et al.  Park City Utah was  an awesome expereince, however the long cold winters were taking a toll.  It was time to explore other options. I ended up back in Steamboat for a brief tenure at my former position only to realize the truth to the saying “you can’t go back”. So after one more ski season I ended my winter resort career.  It was time to venture on and find a new challenge in a place where I could count on staying warm.

Off to Sunny and warm South Florida for a visit and meeting with my  Cousin, Gail and her husband: Chef Roland Levi.  They were thrilled to welcome me to south Florida where I turned my focus to a very unique restaurant concept

known simply as Six Tables. 

This opportunity was just the challenge I was ready for, so I returned to Colorado, packed what I could, sold the rest, and drove to a new life in the most northern, southern place in the USA: South Florida!  

Boca Raton seemed like a logical choice for my concept of Six Tables a Restaurant.  

A location was chosen in downtown Boca Raton, next to the well known Mizner Park. After a total renovation of a very compact space in one of Boca's original shopping centers called Mizner Plaza,

Six Tables a Restaurant was opened.

  We are constantly introducing new Chefs Menu  ideas and endeavor to accomodate our gluten, lactose and Vegetarian patrons would like to dine at Six Tables.  However, due to the limitations of space and inventory the chef is not always able to alter the menu for just one person.

 Open since June 2004 - a testament to hard work, perseverance, determination and great guest loyalty.  

We are proud to say that Six Tables a Restaurant has become one of those special and sought after

"Word of Mouth" dining destinations.


          We invite you to dine at Six Tables a Restaurant, sometimes referred to as 'STaR' (our nick name)

OWNER & Chef 

Mizner Plaza Shopping Center

112 NE 2nd Street

Boca Raton, Fl 33432

Located at the Southern end of 

The Popular Mizner Park

'Boca Ratons Downtown'