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Tom Finn was born and raised in Rochester, New York; and spent the majority of his career working in fine hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships.  He graduated from Baltimore International Culinary College in 1991, and then went on to work at The Lodge at Woodcliff in Perinton, NY. 


Tom later became the Executive Chef at Benucci’s and Brookwood Inn, in the greater Rochester area.  Craving a little adventure and change of scenery, Tom later went on to be an Executive Chef with Clipper Cruise Lines, and spent many evenings delighting guests as they sailed up & down the intracoastal waterways.  


In 2004, Tom moved to Jupiter, Florida where he was the Executive Sous Chef at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club for 13 years.  It was only a couple months later that he met Jenny Finn.


Jenny was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Florida in 2004 as well.  She received her Associates Degree from Florida Culinary Institute and her Bachelors Degree from New England Culinary Institute. 


After spending one season at Jonathan’s Landing, she then spent 12 years at The Breakers in Palm Beach.  During her tenure at The Breakers, Jenny went on to helm the culinary operation at the Kravis Center as their Area Chef.  


We were married in 2014, and have two spunky & precocious little boys.  As much as we loved South Florida, we decided to move to Indiana in 2017 to allow our children to spend time with family.  While in Indiana, Tom was the Executive Chef at Marian University, and Jenny was the Executive Chef at Butler University.  


After nearly three winters in Indiana, we had enough of the cold & snow.  We had always dreamed of owning our own restaurant, and Six Tables was the perfect place for us to make our dreams come true. 


Six Tables a Restaurant was opened in 2004 by Jonathan Fyhrie, and quickly became a cornerstone of the Downtown Boca dining scene.  Tom and I are grateful for all the hard work that Jon & Deborah have put into Six Tables, and look forward to building upon its stellar reputation. 



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